The editorial activity of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) started in 1913, the year of the establishment of AISCI, with the publication of the first issue of the Revista Cursurilor Academiei de Înalte Studii Comerciale și Industriale, under the care of the Rectorate.

Currently, ASE Publishing House, recognized by the Ministry of Culture by Certificate no. 4519 of 9.XII.1997, aligns with the mission of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and contributes to the aim to qualify among the most prestigious economic universities.

ASE’s Publishing House supports the educational process by publishing books and periodicals and supports the scientific research process by disseminating research results from specific fields.

ASE’s Publishing House is accredited for the fields: Social Sciences, Philology, History and Cultural Studies, and, since 2019, it is recognized by CNCS for the field of Legal Sciences.

The periodicals are mostly open access, being an essential source of research and documentation for members of our university, students, teachers, researchers.

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