Access to: Official Journal of the European Union, Treaties, Legislative acts of the EU institutions, Preparatory documents on EU legislation, EU case law, EFTA Documents (Supervisory Authority, Standing Committee, Court of Justice)

Legislation procedures 
It refers to the stages through which a legislative proposal passes, from the moment it is launched, until the moment it becomes a lawful act. A chronological view of the procedure is available. All the interventions of the institutions and bodies involved in the decision-making process are presented

Provides a single point of access to the national legislative databases of EU countries

Documents published by the European Commission’s Spokespersons’ Service

EU Open Data Portal
Access to European Union open data

TED (Tenders Electronic Daily)
Online version of the supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union

European Union Research Results – access to European research and development

EU Whoiswho
Official Yearbook of the European Union

Publications Office of the European Union

Library and e-Resources Common catalog of the European Commission library. Explore a wealth of resources on EU policies, legislation and more. Most of the resources in the library are now available online: full-text articles, e-books, and databases.

European Union multilingual thesaurus – indexing tool

Discover the cultural heritage for educational, research and entertainment purposes. Europeana Collections offers access to over 50 million digitized items: books, music, artwork and more.