Bibliographic references service

  • documentary research in the collections and electronic resources available in the library;
  • library training and guidance;
  • elaboration, design and realization of informative materials about the library, services and collections;
  • elaboration of documentary products: indexes, catalogues etc., guidance & training materials;
  • bibliographic researches, on demand, by accessing available bibliographic databases.

Types of references:

  • references by e-mail 
  • information and bibliographic research 
  • thematic/subject bibliographies on demand. 

Access to the bibliographic references service is based on a valid library card, under the conditions of Library Regulations and procedures (Romanian language only).

Bibliographic references through e-mail

Email references service is a digital library service based on the use of new information and communication technologies and offer users the opportunity to request bibliographic information from the library at any time, wherever they are, via the Internet.

The service is available online on the library platform, section: Login. More details on authentication are available here.

More details are available in the presentation material of the bibliographic references service and in the bibliographic references access guide. 

Forms can also be submitted at the Bibliographic Research Service (Address: Roman Square no. 6, Ion N. Angelescu building, floor 2, room 0209).

Cooperation between departments

The Bibliographic Research Service cooperates with the departments of ASE faculties in order to complete and develop the library collections based on suggestions, acquisition proposals and recommendations made in accordance with the course syllabi of the university, mandatory bibliographies, exam bibliographies or new books from specialized publishers.

Promoting the library services

The Bibliographic Research Service is involved in the realization of informative and advertising materials and organizing activities in order to promote the image of the library, its collections, services, products and resources, in addition to the activities of valuing the library resources and collections within the Collection Management Service through the integrated library system, library website, other means of media promotion.

CONTACT – Bibliographic research service

  • Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Roman Square no. 6, Ion N. Angelescu Building, floor 2, room 0209
  • 021.319.19.00 /01 int. 166

  • Monday-Thursday 9.00-16.00 | Friday 9.00-13.00