Contact – Circulation Services

Felicia Ionescu

021.319.19.00/01 int. 403

  • Collections consulting in the reading rooms and the use of specific services are provided in the central library and branch libraries in campus to all library users based on a valid card /library card under the conditions of the Library Regulations.
  • The requests for publications are made on the spot in any reading room or online by authentication on the library platform.

Users must comply with the provisions of the Regulamentul de organizare şi funcţionare a Bibliotecii ASE.

For certain services, tariffs are charged, in accordance with the legal provisions, fees and taxes being approved by the ASE Senate every academic year.

  • Within the library users may access databases (scientific content, bibliographic, bibliometric, specialized) and electronic resources (digitized publications, digital library, eBooks collections etc.), access provided based on a valid library card, access from campus, off campus or remote, depending on each publisher’s or provider’s policy.
  • Users have the right to download information or data from the databases in compliance with copyright legislation and assuming the their use only in purpose of information, documentation, study and research.
  • Specific users may use interlibrary loan service to request publications that are not available in ASE Library collections, based on a valid library card, under the conditions of the Library Regulation and legal stipulation (Legea bibliotecilor) and payment of postal taxes.
  • Libraries can request publications from ASE Library collections through interlibrary loan under present regulations.