The documentary fund of the ASE Library includes: books, periodicals and serials, audiovisual documents, cartographic documents, electronic documents, other categories of documents, regardless of the material support.
The book fund is of great documentary value (historical, cultural and scientific), established over time, and the library’s collections also include documents, historically constituted or derived from donations (eg. Virgil Madgearu Fund, Manuc-Bei Fund, Acad. Iulian Văcărel Fund , Gh. Dolgu Fund etc.).

The ASE library provides students with a specialized fund of monographic and periodical publications, academic resources, in printed or electronic format, but also access to scientific databases that cover Romanian and foreign literature recommended in the courses’ syllabi of all programs.

The collections of the ASE Library are reflected in the classic catalog (on files) available in the Library’s book storage room/depository (for publications with a year of publication under 1990) and / or in the Online Catalog.

  • The collections of the ASE’s Library are established and developed according to the information and documentation requirements of users through: acquisition, transfer, national and international interlibrary exchange, donations, sponsorships, free materials from the university’s publishing house, partnerships (Russian World Fund – Russkiymir, CDE ASE) etc.

  • The Library’s collections are structured as following: books, periodicals, special collections (eg doctoral theses), audiovisual documents, electronic publications, eBooks.

  • In the reading rooms with open shelf access, the collections are intended both for consultation in the reading room and for book borrowing (specially marked copies).

  • At the book borrowing centers, the collections (monographic publications), consisting of the current and retrospective fund, are intended exclusively for book borrowing.

  • The collections of periodicals, doctoral theses, old books and audiovisual documents are intended exclusively for consultation in the reading room.

  • The rules for consulting the collections and the borrowing of the publications are established by the Library management, through specific instructions and procedures.

  • The establishment of the status of the collections, the evidence, the processing, the conservation, the recovery and the elimination of the documents from the collections is done according to the Legea bibliotecilor nr. 334/2002, republicată, and of the Regulamentul-cadru de funcţionare a bibliotecilor universitare, and other legal provisions.